The World's First Walkable Skate Guard

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The best skate guard. Period.

SKABoots aren’t “just skate guards.” They are the world's first walkable skate guard. Much wider than typical skate guards, their boot-like soles provide amazing walking stability with excellent traction and mobility.

Because they are easy to put on and will not damage rugs or floors, SKABoots are perfect for children or beginner skaters. Simply slide your blade into the slot on the sole and wrap the Velcro® straps snugly around your skate. You're now ready to walk anywhere without worrying about marring floors or slipping. Arrive at the ice rink, indoor or outdoor, ready to skate. Skip the locker room and head directly to the ice!

We proudly ship directly to customers U.S., Canada, and across the world.

Most orders will ship from our Minnesota warehouse in 48 hours, unless they are in a back-order position. Please review the product pages to see whether your product is in stock.

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