Congratulations on your purchase of a SKABOOTS! We know that you're itching to use the product, so here are the assembly instructions in 3 simple steps:

1) Unpeel the strap included with the new product, such that the strap is fully extended

2) With the Velco side up, thread the "spiky" end of the Velcro strap towards the outside of the SKABOOTS unit. Confirm that the bottom of the text is near the "toe side" (vs the ankle side)

Please DO NOT try to push the buckle through the loop, since this is likely to damage the product.

3) Thread the Velcro strap along the underside channel of the SKABOOTS, and thread back through the loop on opposing side towards the inside. 

Then just loop the strap through the buckle, tighten appropriately, and that's it.